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"Internet + water purification" mode opens Water treatment industry usher in "sharing"

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CCTV Beijing, January 23 News According to the Economic Voices "World Finance and Economics" report, the "Internet + water purification" sharing economy business model has recently started, and the water management "Internet + water purification" new products and new business models have started operation.

The first "Internet + water purification" sharing economy new business model

Drinking safe and healthy drinking water is the need of all mankind and the indispensable responsibility of the drinking water industry and all health messengers. Deeply cultivating the "water Master" of the water treatment industry breaks the existing traditional sales model of the water purification industry and pioneers the new "Internet + water purification" sharing economy new business model. The original intention is to implement the industry-oriented principle of "benefiting the people, semi-public welfare, benefiting the country and benefiting the people", and implementing a new business model of service-based sales: free installation, free core change, free maintenance and after-sales. It can be used after paying a small amount of water fee.

Open the door to the era of IoT in the water purification industry

"Water Master" realizes the remote control of the machine through the combination of cutting-edge hardware and software. Mobile phones and computer clients can check the water quality and usage of the machine and carry out related operations anytime, anywhere, creating the field of water purification industry for the first time. The gate of the Internet of Things era that communicates with people. The new business model is centered on the realization of worry-free service for end users, reducing the risk of end user costs and enabling users to benefit.

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